Pet Exercise: How to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Although it is now suggested to get micro-implants for your cat to locate it when it gets lost, purchasing cat tags online may be another great measure to take when it comes to the safety of your feline friend.

The following list helps you get more sleep at night by making sure your cat keeps itself busy with these DIY tactics.

Daytime Activities

Cat owners who do not work from home complain that their cats simply lay around all day and release that pent up energy on them at night. This may be happening because your cat is bored or frustrated while you are away. If you have a kitten be sure to you have ensured its safety with easily purchased cat tags online, in case it gets out of your home while you are at work. By stimulating your cat’s natural curiosity with plenty of toys, your cat or kitten will automatically tire itself out during the daytime. There are many pet stores that sell a range of different cat-related products as well as interactive toys and cat tags online.

White Noise Or Television

If your cat still persists on waking you up to play at night, before a busy work day thinks about leaving the television on in your living from and it might leave you alone. With the volume on low, the noise will gently lull your feline to sleep and not disturb you in the process. By placing a chair or beanbag in front of the television, it will only become more inviting for your cat to go perch itself there. You should always make sure your sliding doors and windows in the family room are shut so your pet does not get out at night. You can always keep your cat a little safer while you sleep by ordering cat tags online.

Make Time For Your Cat After Work

A method cat owners swear by is getting home after a tiring work day and play-chasing their cat around the house. Not only does this form a closer bond between you and your feline, just fifteen minutes of your time will help your cat release any pent up energy it was suffering from while you were not there. If you are playing in the backyard or outdoors with your cat, make sure you order cat tags online Australia websites sell so it cannot meander without your knowledge.

Train Them As Kittens

A lot of adult cat owners complain that their cats nip their toes or fingers for attention at night. It may be hard for you to hear but you may need to sleep with your bedroom door closed or train your cat when it is a kitten to sleep in a cat bed or carrier at night. Most elderly cats like snuggling up close to their owners and sleep the whole night. Kittens have a lot of energy that can turn into wailing outbursts if not dealt with at a younger age. If your cat is constantly crying for you at night, you may want to take it to the vet because there may be an underlying viral or medical issue that may be bothering it. Always make sure your cat is wearing easily purchasable cat tags online so you are alerted if it tries to escape.

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