A guide to Chicken Rearing


There are positive signs that are resonating from the poultry industry currently which are great indicators that it’s the right space to occupy right now. An example is Queensland accounting for 350 million dollars in global revenue all from chicken rearing. The reason for such positivity is the reduced cost of chicken feed. Also, other sources of protein that compete with chicken seem to have risen in terms of cost, making chicken the best alternative. There is no lie that chicken is a great addition to your backyard; whether for selling, for eggs, for pets or for meat supply. With the current high demand for chicken, your reasons are all valid. This article covers some important questions that most people buying from poultry suppliers Sydney wide have in regards to chicken rearing.

Ideal number

Different cities have different regulations when it comes to chicken rearing. In Sydney, for example, you are only allowed to have a few hens as beyond a certain number, you will be forced to register with the city council. Also roosters are allowed too. This means you will need to do some research before you contact any of the poultry suppliers Sydney market has today, just so you can make sure that you are rearing your chicken within the law.

Where to get them

There are a host of places that you can buy chicken from. First there are online poultry suppliers Sydney websites list, who will be more than happy to cater to your need. Buying from the internet also has some high level convenience, among other benefits. You can also buy from farms or physical stores. Some stores have a limit beyond which a certain number of chickens cannot be bought at the same time and thus you will need to do some research before approaching the poultry suppliers Sydney based. There are also options such as renting chicken, especially for those that have never owned chicken before. Then from there, decide if it’s what you want

Best breeds to buy

When it comes to the kind of breed that is best, you will also need to do some research. You can make your pick based on looks like pure breeds often look beautiful. You will also need to consider factors like weather into consideration given that different chicken breeds adapt differently to different climates. Also the amount of space that you have available will narrow your list on the kind of breed that is best for you.


Before placing your order from poultry suppliers Sydney has, you need to meet a certain criteria. You must have the perfect chicken house, one that’s clean and offers safety from predators such as dogs. There also needs to be a dark place where they can roost. Also, ensure there is great space so that they can move freely within their house.

There are many reasons why people turn to chicken rearing and whatever reason, you need to get your suppliers from cheap poultry suppliers Sydney has. Visit http://www.rrpoultry.com.au/poultry-wholesale-suppliers-brisbane-sydney/ for more of such options.