A brief discussion on catching the elusive Dingo animal

An animal looking similar to a dog with its ancestry still being debated is Dingo, which is largely found in Australia and more so in its desert region. In the normal course, a dingo could be dangerous to young and old people. Not only that, there are several instances of it attacking domesticated animals. However, their predation on kangaroos, rabbits and such other animals is considered beneficial by graziers. Meanwhile, when it is found loitering in residential or places of human habitation, it is appropriate to catch it, or else a dingo may cause danger to children and old people. It is for this reason people normally use dingo traps to catch them.

Keep a watch:

Simply placing the trap would not suffice. You must decide where to keep the trap and what should be the bait to lure the Dingo. This is a vexed question, and perhaps you would be reminded of the old adage ‘who should bell the cat’? The important question in catching a dingo is keeping a watch on its movement.

Electronic gadget to help:

But, never mind, the modern technology has come to your rescue. You must know you can install electronic gadgets to keep track of the elusive dingo. Just install digital camera and that keeps a tab on the movement of a dingo. The cameras are available in different designs with varying features and versatile utilities.  You find some of the cameras are so versatile that these can take as much as 1,000,000 photos, and the battery would last for at least four months. Thereby you can keep track of not only a dingo but also various other animals.

Remember, the digital camera is one type of a dingo trapThere are several other types of dingo traps. The other varieties of traps and other related issues are briefly explained here:

·        Apart from a digital camera, there are varieties of cages, which are available in different designs and sizes. Interestingly, a mixture of urine and faeces is considered an ideal bait to catch this animal. In fact, you also get varieties of exclusively prepared dingo baits with several features, which are found to be very much beneficial in catching this elusive animal.

·        Where to keep the cage is the question that needs careful consideration. According to experts, the trap must be kept near the fence or near the home or bushes where the smell of domesticated dogs is prominently noticeable by the dingo. You can also keep the trap in places, which are commonly visited by a dingo.

·        Keep the trap at the end of the day and more preferably in the evening or night. Keep a trap of good quality and before keeping, go through the digital camera and ensure the trap aligns with the size of the dingo. If you are unable to keep a tab on the trap, experts suggest that you may install a lethal trap with strychnine.

What to do after a catch

Once you are able to trap a dingo using any of the dingo traps, you may take immediate action to get rid of the animal. One of the suggested procedures is to shoot it because it is considered to be a more humane approach. Thereafter, you may dispose of the animal appropriately. Of course, a dingo is considered to be an animal which is under extinction. But, considering the safety, its elimination is the only approach.