Dog Name Tags – For Protecting Your Pets

You would have never thought it possible that a humble dog tag can create such a long and interesting story. The story is long and cannot be recounted here; suffice it to say that an Australian chanced upon a dog tag with the name Elmer Sneath restored it to its rightful owners a WW II veteran living in Wisconsin, USA. After a deep search and sending a Facebook message to the man’s son and some further 9 months of waiting, Sneath’s wife and son got in touch, and the Australian sent the souvenir to them without charging the postage expenses. To those who cherish these things, it’s a touching story. People get dog name tags made with the hope that if their pet were to get lost, it would be easy to trace it. These tags come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Metal Tags the Most Preferred

As you search for dog name tags in Australia, you will be presented with many options. The tags can be ordered online after choosing the shape, size and colour of the tag and the tags can be customised to include the name, some kind of special identification and the contact information. It is found that the material used for making the Australia dog name tags is usually brass. Brass is light, strong and it is easy to make the tags. Stainless steel is also used by many. All tags have the eyelets to facilitate their tying around the pet’s neck.

Some Shapes a Little More Popular

The dog name tags can be made in any shape or size. But a lot of people seem to prefer the bone shape that has become the default icon to represent most things associated with dogs. So a number of people ordering the tags online seem to pick the bone shape for their pets. The routine round shape and the dog’s paws follow closely in terms of popularity. You have kids who spend more time with your dog? Make them pick the tag and the colour, and you can take care of the information to be engraved.

Order Them Online and Have Them Delivered

The advantage of getting the dog name tags ordered online is that you really do not have to go from shop to shop looking for what you need. They are all there in one place. Spend more time browsing through every design and every shape displayed there and the prices mentioned against each. The sellers usually make free deliveries within Australia. If you have friends joining you in ordering, you could increase the order quantity and probably work out a better deal. They do take and execute large quantity orders too, in case you had the intention of making it a business in your locality by selling the tags onward. You could then choose some of the best dog name tags in Australia, and maybe you could handle the engraving work at your end.

If you have pets at home, you will have to protect them. Whenever you take the pet dog out, you must ensure it has a tag around its neck with the required information. You can order these tags conveniently online.